Registration, Workshop cost and Payment
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Withdrawal of the Registration
Registration, Workshop cost and Payment

The only way to register is here, by completing the online registration form. You will have to register each person that would like to participate individually. All required areas on the online form, must be completed in order to register. A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to you within four working days (Please take into account time differences if you are residing in a country where this applies); with this e-mail, you will also obtain our bank information. All payments must be transferred within fourteen days, or your registration will be void and you have to register again. Your transfer information must include the keyword “Borduntage”, the Workshop and the name of the participant. (Example for a German transfer slip: Verwendungszweck (Purpose) “Borduntage”, Hurdy-gurdy – advanced ll, your name). Your registration will be binding at the time we receive your payment, we then will email you a receipt of payment within fourteen working days. Combining payment for more than one person is possible. Please ensure to add all first and last names as well as the workshop they chose.

The workshop fee is 280 – 330 € and includes room and full board (except Friday evening) (two breakfasts (Saturday and Sunday), two lunches (Saturday and Sunday), coffee and cookies (Saturday afternoon) as well as dinner on Saturday. Without boarding and breakfast at the youth hostel, the fee is reduced by 50 €.

The minimum age to participate unattended is fourteen years.

Time of registration starts on 2nd July 2023, 7 pm MESZ and closes on 10th October 2023. If there should be spots open after registration ends, the registration time can be extended.

Waiting List

Once a workshop is booked out, we will not be able to take any other registrations for this class. However, we will keep a waiting list. You will be able to register for the waiting lists via the normal registration tool and will receive a confirmation eMail. Should a participant cancel his/her registration, the spot is offered in chronological order to persons on the waiting list.
The registration and cancelation terms will remain unaltered.

There is one waiting list per workshop. You will be notified no later than 01st December 2023, if a spot opened up in the workshop of your choice.

Instruments and Rental Instruments

Please note that the bagpipe courses with Christian Dreier and Thomas Zöller 2024 will take place on Hümmelchen (C/D) and Mattis Branschke on half-open bagpipes (G/C). Bagpipes in other tunings can only be included to a very limited extent, so we recommend a loaner instrument in this case.

The ensemble workshops are open for all instruments and there are no rental instruments offered.

Instrument rental for the entire of the workshops are 30 €. The rental fee has to be paid with your registration fee. If you like to take advantage of the instrument rental please state that on the registration form as the number of instruments for rent are limited.

If you choose the rental option, please be aware, that requesting a rental instrument does not automatically ensure you will in fact receive one. Please wait for your registration confirmation. In case there are no more rental instruments available, we regretfully have to cancel your registration. If the need should arise and you decide after registration and confirmation you do need a rental instrument (example: because yours needs repair) please contact us immediately by email There is no claim on your part to an instrument, but we will do our best to organize one for you.

Room & Board

Participation in the course can only be booked with meals.

Meals consist of breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, a biscuit break on Saturday and dinner on Saturday. The costs for food and drinks on Friday evening in the Alte Küch’n are to be borne by each course participant and are not included in the course fee. Of course, there is no obligation to participate in this evening event. Drinks are available to you during the course for a small fee. During meals there are drinks free of charge from the youth hostel.

If you do not want to stay overnight in the youth hostel, you can indicate this when registering. Out-of-towners get full board as stated above excluding breakfast. If you do not stay overnight, the course fee is reduced by €50.

You will stay in four-bed rooms in the youth hostel. If you would like a different room size, please select the “No overnight stay” option when registering and reserve your desired room directly with the youth hostel.

Accompanying persons who are not taking part in the course but would like to stay overnight in the youth hostel should also register using the registration form. When selecting a course, accompanying persons choose the option “No course”. Alternatively, you can reserve the desired room for you and your companions directly at the youth hostel. Accompanying persons receive the same meals as the participants.

There is no right to share a room with certain people. However, we strive to meet your wishes. The information given in the registration will help us to reserve the room, but it is not obligatory.

Share a Ride

All participants that expressed in their registration, to either need a ride or are able to give someone else a lift will receive an email after registration is over; in the email, you will find places from where others offer rides and their emails.
We ask all participants to organize this with each other. No one has a claim on a ride with another participant.

Attendees that offer or accept a ride from another attendee do so at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for damage to luggage or vehicles. How to share the cost of petrol is up to the individuals sharing rides.

There are no reduced fees for offering rides. There are also no reduced fees or refunds for persons that are a passenger of someone offering a ride, if a lift falls through or you arrive late.

Personal Information

By submitting the registration form, the participant gives his/her revocable consent to the storage and use of his personal data for the purpose of contract. This includes e.g. the sending of e-mails by the organizer, eMail information from the teacher especially in the Ensemble course to inform him on your instruments, eMail and name transfer in case of car sharing as well as in case of withdrawing to find somebody from the waiting list. A transfer of the stored data to additional third parties does not take place. The use of the data provided is in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. The participant gives his revocable consent that pictures and sound recordings of his/her person may be taken and published by the organizer.

Workshop Cancellation

Workshops will take place with a minimum of six attendees.

Workshops without the required number of participants are subject to cancellation. Persons with a cancelled workshop will receive immediate notification. If you have not received information of a cancellation by 01st December 2023, your class will be on schedule. In case of the cancellation of your class, we will do our best to accommodate you with a similar alternative workshop. If you wish not to attend an alternative workshop, we will refund 100% of all fees (Workshop, Room &Board). The organizer of the Nuremberg Bourdon Days is not responsible to compensate for any other accumulated expenses (example: train ticket, other hotel costs).

Withdrawal of the Registration

Withdrawals are only possible in writing (preferable per email

In the event of a withdrawal, each participant will be treated individually, even if several people have been registered by one person and even if fees have been paid as a collective transfer.

In the event of cancellation by November 1st, 2023, a processing fee of €20 will be charged, which will be deducted from the return transfer.

If you withdraw after November 1st, 2023, the course fee will not be refunded with the following exceptions:

1. In the event of withdrawal, there are people on the waiting list for the course: the organizer confirms this in his reaction to the written withdrawal. After reception of the course fee for the successor, the organizer arranges for the course fee to be remitted less a processing fee of €50.

2. There are no followers on the waiting list for the course: Within a week (also organized by the person withdrawing and by December 14, 2023 at the latest), a person registers for the same course. Then proceed as in point 1.

A further claim for damages is expressly excluded.


The organizers cannot be held liable. Participating at the Nuremberg Bourdon Days is at your own risk. Participants are not accident insured through the organizer.