You do not have to be able to read musical notations to attend the courses. All information regarding 2020´s mini-workshop can be found here:

Hurdy-gurdy – Advanced III (Valentin Clastrier)

Course language: French (translator for German, English and Spanish will be in the course)

“The Universe of the endless bow” – Based on Valentines 2006 published book this course will be focused on the rhythmic possibilities of the hurdy-gurdy. Various ways to use your fingers, as well as the wrist will help you to gain new ideas and approaches for playing from the 4 to the 9 – stroke. A part of the used scores will be sent to you in advance, but also improvisation will not be missed. A course that will surely show you new ways in the “infinite dimensions” of the hurdy-gurdy.

Requirement: several years of hurdy gurdy playing, confident in playing melodies and trumpet with 4 strokes.

Hurdy-gurdy – Advanced II (Till Uhlmann)

Course language: German
During this course you will be dealing with more complex trumpeting techniques as well as pieces with uneven rhythm. Training for fluency of the left hand will pave the way towards a more virtuous playing. Additionally, ornamentation with left and right hand will help to make melodies and pieces more interesting and exciting. Another focus of this course will be on melody improvisation with some theoretical musical background as well as accord playing to use the instrument not only as solo, but also as accompanying instrument.
Requirement: experience in hurdy gurdy playing, enthusiasm to try something new and travel beyond borders. Ability to read notes or have a good ear for the melodies.

Hurdy-gurdy – Advanced I (Michalina Malisz)

Course language: English
This course focusses mainly on playing Celtic music and figuring out different aspects of it: achieving preferable speed, the flow of the melody, the ornamentation. You will also learn the 3-stroke – we’ll need it for the jigs :). A closer look at alternative techniques of playing, like tremolo will be taken. If you listen to Eluveitie, you’ll be familiar with a big chunk of the working material.
Requirement: The workshop is addressed to players who feel comfortable with playing 2-stroke and following melodies. If you listen to Eluveitie, you’ll be familiar with a big chunk of the working material.

Hurdy-gurdy – Slightly Advanced (Sebastian Elsner)

Course language: German
This course is for musicians, who have collected first experience with the hurdy gurdy. Focus will also be on basics! Melody and ornamentation will be trained among other techniques like trumpeting and simple accompanying. You can play simple melodies and single strokes and want to go on from that? Maybe with coordination of left and right hand? Then this is your workshop! To focus on your individual needs part of the course will be individual training. You will work with traditional German, Swedish and French melodies.
Requirement: have first experience with the hurdy gurdy and can play simple melodies and single strokes

Hurdy-gurdy – Beginners (Alex Zwingmann)

Course language: German
This workshop focuses on players who want to learn hurdy gurdy or have little experience with the instrument. Anyone who has already visited one or two of my 1,5h workshops during the summer is in the right place. You will focus on playing melodies as well as 1- and 2-times beat. Using simple compositions, Alex will show you how to rhythmize them with trumpet and what exercises will bring you to success quickly.
Requirement: None

Huemmelchen – Advanced (Thomas Zöller)

Course language: German
This workshop is aimed at more advanced players. Here you will be focusing on ornamentation, melodies from Cantigas de Santa Maria, polyphonic ensemble playing of modern pieces and renaissance music as well as French and German dancing music. This course is played with huemmelchen. Thomas will bring along his schaeferpfeife, Great Highland Pipe etc. and like to introduce them.
Requirement: Advanced players, who can play melody safely and are confident with single ornamentation

Huemmelchen – slightly advanced (Christian Dreier )

Course language: German
You should therefore be able to hold a steady tone and play simple melodies. In this course you will enhance your repertoire and will work on new melodies by sheets or hearing and train on pieces with several voices. We will play on huemmelchen in C/D.
Requirement: hold a steady tone and play simple melodies


Huemmelchen – Beginners (Daniela Heiderich)

Course language: German
You are fascinated by huemmelchen or bagpipes in general and want to have a try? Or do you already have first experience and would like to get some basics for technique and playing? Then this workshop is for you! The course is aimed for beginners and beginners with first experience and gives you the opportunity to get to know huemmelchen, play the first notes, train techniques of blowing, pressure and playing to get rid of typical difficulties with the coordination every beginner has. We want to play beautiful music by travelling through the centuries to get to know pieces of very different musical repertoires.
Requirement: None

Ensemble (Toon van Mierlo)

Course language: English
Hello and welcome on this ensemble workshop. Maybe strange, but for this you will not work with melodies. You are going to make a story with music. Musical patterns will fit one over another to make a huge music piece together, that will follow the story. Get ready for a new and very intensive experiment where you will meet the borders of your instrument, keys, musical knowledge, harmonization, … each one on his own level. So yes, welcome!
Requirements: Basic knowledge of the instrument you are playing. Open to all instruments. Please write the instrument(s) you play in the comment field during registration. No loan instruments are provided for the ensemble course.