On Saturday, 45 minutes before lunch and dinner, you have the opportunity to attend short workshops on various topics.

No registration is required for the mini workshops.

Mini workshops on the hurdy-gurdy:

Thomas Blau – How can notes help when playing the hurdy gurdy?!

Many musicians shy away from the subject of music theory. This is where my mini workshop comes in: A little excursion into notes, accidentals and what this has to do with playing the lyre. Of course you can bring your questions with you and ask them.

Ron Winkler: Hurdy-gurdy adjustment and maintenance

Alex Zwingmann: Presentation of e-hurdy gurdy

Mini workshops on the bagpipe:

Christian Dreier: Reed construction for Hümmelchen and setting up a Hümmelchen.

Thomas Zöller – pressure holding technology for bagpipes

Pressure holding technique for bagpipe players. Good pressure holding technique is essential for any bagpiper. Since the different drones & the chanter react differently to pressure fluctuations, motor awareness and sensitivity is very important to us. This is the only way we can harmonize the drone and chanter. This crash course will teach basic breathing and pressure holding techniques.

Other mini workshops:

Mattis Branschke: foot percussion

Gaia Pliefke: Didgeridoo crash course

Gaia offers a workshop for everyone who wants to try playing the didgeridoo in a relaxed atmosphere.

Saskia Maria: Questions for a professional musician

If you’ve always been interested in questions like: “How does one become a professional musician” or: “How long have you been playing the violin, or: “What’s a tour life like”, you’ve come to the right place with Saskia. You can ask all your questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Florian Siebler-Guth: Yoga  

For everyone who wants to do something good for their body and mind after a day of making music, Florian, as a licensed trainer, offers a yoga class before the lunch break in the hall. Please bring comfortable clothing and a mat. The lesson is also explicitly aimed at beginners, so don’t be shy if you want to take the opportunity to try it out.