45 minutes before and after lunch on Saturday, you will have the opportunity to get to grips with various topics in a short workshop. There will be the same workshops before and after break, so that you will be able to attend a number of courses, if you like to. Registration is not required for the mini-workshops. 

Francesco Giusta – Italian folk music and its characteristics 

Thomas Blau – How can notes help with hurdy-gurdy playing?! 

Many musicians shy away from the topic of music theory. This is where my mini-workshop comes in: A short excursion in notes, key signatures and what this has to do with playing the hurdy-gurdy. Your questions are of course welcome. 

Thomas Zöller

Ceòl Mòr (“Große Musik”), also known as “Pibroch” or “Piobaireachd“, is an essential part of scottish bagpipe musicIt can also be played on other instruments. During this mini workshop I will explain this centuries old European music tradition to you and use the Canntaireachd, a special solmization technique for bag pipe players of the Scottish Highlands, to teach a melody to you.

Christian Dreier
At the mini workshop, Christian gives a presentation on reed pipe construction for huemmelchen and the adjustment of a huemmelchen.

Regina Kunkel – Nyckelharpa beginner
Regina offers a mini workshop for those who want to try playing a nyckelharpa.

Björn Kaidel – Nyckelharpa advanced
Björn’s mini workshop is aimed at anyone who already deals with the nyckelharpa. You play pieces together, get helpful tips for example regarding bow technique and you can exchange with like-minded people.

Daniela Heiderich and others – Introduction to Bal-Folk (dance workshop for beginners)
In addition to our rich offer of music workshops, a dance workshop may not be missing. Especially the traditional French music holds a large fund of different dances. Under expert guidance you will learn the first steps to known dances like AnDro, Scottish or Bourree. The best prerequisite, therefore, to be able to get involved in every session from now on.

Alex Zwingmann – presentation of e-gurdys