Welcome to the Nuremberg Bourdon Days

Unfortunately, the Nuremberg Borduntage cannot take place in January 2021.

We replanned and offer you the exact same event with the same lecturers and schedule from 07th – 09th January 2022. If you are already registered for 2021, you don’t have to do anything – your registration remains and we look forward to seeing you in January 2022!

You cannot wait to have your next workshop? Maybe you want to join us in Summer in Lenzen (between Berlin and Hamburg) for our summer camp event: https://www.borduntage-sommercamp.de/ 

Thanks to everyone, who crossed their fingers for us! We are very sad not being able to meet you in January. You always made the beginning of the year very special for us and those who would have participated a first time would have realized it right away! 

Please stay healthy, have a nice pre-Christmas time and hope to see you soon! 

Alex, Lena and Matthias 

The organizing team of the Nuremberg Bourdon days 

The 4th Nuremberg Bourdon Day’s will take place from 07th to 09th January 2022. We look forward for a great weekend!

For those who want to have a first try at Hurdy-gurdy, Huemmelchen or Nyckelharpa, learn new playing techniques, search for inspiration, extent their repertoire or simply experience a great weekend with like-minded:
You found the right event! 

The following lecturers for 2022 have already been determined: 

Efrén López, Scott Marshall, Anna Murphy, Ron Winkler, Thomas Blau, Alex Zwingmann, Thomas Zoeller, Christian Dreier, Daniela Heiderich, Simon Wascher and Regina Kunkel. 

Additionally to the instrument workshops, we offer 45 minutes of mini-workshops on Saturday before and after lunch. There, every participant can try different instruments. All information regarding 2020´s mini-workshop can be found here: https://www.nuernberger-borduntage.de/en/mini-workshops-2/ 

Experience the unique ambience of the historical castle of Nuremberg. The weekend takes place in one of the world’s most modern Youth Hostels. You will be housed in rooms containing four beds. If you want to share a room with your family or friend – just tell us during registration. 

More information on accommodation, meals etc. can be found at room & board 

Questions? Send an e-mail to: info@nuernberger-borduntage.de 

We are looking forward meeting you! 

Your organizational team (Alex, Matthias, Lena)